Filemanager-AVS - Summary

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Currently it is just a little application which uses the ClamAV library to scan files for viruses. I know there are other application around there, which are doing the same. But it was fun to do it.

Also, there are extension/plugin for Nautilus and Thunar. Nautilus is the default Gnome filemanager and Thunar is the default one in XFCE. With these extensions it is possible to select a file or folder for scanning.

The fourth part is a tiny application which resides in the Systemtray. This app needs Gamin. Gamin is a file alteration monitor, which notifys programs when an folder or a file is changed. In the app you can select folders to monitor through Gamin. The app notifys the user with an warning if a virus is found. This part is still not ready to ship in package. It seems that it is more complicated than I thought.

You use this program at your own risk, i am not responsible for your data loss.


  • is written in gtk only, no gnome requirements
  • uses libclamav
  • the virusscanning can be paused, or stopped as you wish
  • small memory footprint
  • it doesn't follow symlinks


The FIlemanager-AVS needs following libraries

  • libgtk2 >= 2.16.0
  • libglade >= 2.6.0
  • libclamav >= 6:4:0 aka 0.95
  • libgthread >= 2.22.0
  • libunique-dev >= 1.1.6

The Nautilus extension needs

  • libnautilus >= 2.26.0
  • libgnome-vfs >= 2.24.0

The Thunar plugin needs

  • libthunarx >= 1.0.1
  • libthunarvfs >= 1.0.1

The compilation of the plugins is optional.

The systemtray app is still in progress and wil need

  • libgtk2 >= 2.16.0
  • libclamav >= 6:4:0 aka 0.95
  • libunique-dev >= 1.1.6
  • libnotify
  • libgamin

Current state

The program is still under heavy development as some features are still missing. You can move or delete files if you think it's neccessary. The program doesn't remove files for its own.
If you think that something is missing, please drop me an email.

License: GPLv3